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What people are saying

Jill in Minnesota says...  "I purchased the Nevermind double sole combat boots, and let me say they are the best boots I've ever owned!"

Brian in Pennsylvania says...  "I LOVE these boots! The first thing you'll notice ( beyond the style of course) is the smell of real leather. No plastic smell or flimsy construction here. Right out of the box, they fit like I had been wearing them for years. Honestly one of the most comfortable pair of boots that I've ever worn.They're incredibly well made and after 6 months have been exceptionally durable. A truly superior pair of boots that I'm sure I'll be enjoying for years to come. Already thinking about ordering another pair in a different style. Thanks!"

Eric in Tennessee says...  "These boots are awesome. They are made from very good quality leather and they are the perfect boots to complete your Gothic attire. They are very similar to [another brand], but in my opinion, are of much better quality. Spend the extra money on theses and you won't regret it."